Acquisition Criteria

what we look for

Not just making an investment, forming a partnership.

At Union Partners, our goal is to form partnerships with companies that possess a capable managerial & non-managerial workforce, and have demonstrated the ability to achieve continued earnings growth as well as the potential for future growth within their existing framework. It is important to us that potential partners possess a previously established, comprehensive vender/supplier/customer base as well as a positive reputation within their immediate industry and marketplace. All of our partnerships are long-term initiatives that require a significant amount of research and consideration prior to the finalization of each and every merger, acquisition, or partnership. With a number of factors that are considered using our decision-making paradigm, we begin our research before opening negotiations, and continue to perform analyses through the entire partnership process to ensure that the goals of both parties are compatible.


The first stage of our partnership process is to identify the existence of opportunities and advantages for both parties.


We then conduct our own in-depth research on the advantages and opportunities of such a partnership.

internal analysis

Next, we perform an internal analysis to verify that the potential partner’s business model will mesh seamlessly with our own.

meeting & review

If a fit is perceived, then a meeting is set with company advisors & management to review whether we possess similar culture & values.

discussion & agreement

We will then proceed to discuss the finer details of potentially forming a partnership, merger, or acquisition.

Finalize Partnership

After arriving at a mutual agreement, we will begin partnership documentation, and finalize the partnership.

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